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Mayflower Bioscience offers a range of unique antibodies with which to investigate challenging research targets. Our top priority is to ensure the performance of our antibody reagents in the applications for which they have been validated. Our range ...read more


We offer a range of innovative assays, kits and services which enable the sensitive and accurate measurement and detection of proteins.  Our range includes: AimPlex Multiplex assays which allow the measurement of up for 24 analytes simultaneously ...read more

Blood and Biospecimens

Sourcing human blood and other biospecimens for research can be challenging, complex and time consuming. Mayflower Bioscience supports researchers by providing a human blood products for research. We carefully select providers that meet our demanding ...read more

Cell Biology

We recognize the importance of high quality cell and tissue culture reagents. To support you in this areas we offer a unique selection of media, supplements, biospecimens and tools to support routine and specilized culture applications. Our carefully ...read more

COVID-19 Testing & Products

Mayflower Bioscience is here to support researchers working in COVID-19 research and testing labs. We offer high quality swab sample collection kits which include either oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swab samplers in either inactivating transport ...read more


Our range of tools for epigenetic research includes the Chromatrap ChIP validated assays and reagents for easy, fast and robust ChIP analysis, as well as high quality, well-validated antibodies for chromatin analysis. The portfolio includes the full ...read more


Exosomes are ideal candidates for developing and testing new drug delivery methods as they can cross biological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier and get internalised into cells with a high degree of specificity. The natural properties of exosomes ...read more

Infectious Disease Research

Infectious diseases are estimated to cause around a quarter of all deaths in the world. We are here to support researchers looking at bacteria, parasites and viruses that cause disease with a portfolio of antibodies, proteins and compounds that are ...read more

Proteins & Peptides

Our protein and peptide research tools include recombinant proteins, cell signalling inihibitor and modulator products, human proteome microarrays from CDI-Lab, MOG peptides and an extensive range of toxins. In addition to this, we can also provide a ...read more

Viral Transduction & Bioprocessing

Mayflower Bioscience offers a range of reagents and kits from SIRION Biotech for adenovirus cloning, purification and improved transduction efficiency, as well as the LentiBOOST® transduction enhancer for lentiviral expression. read more

Latest products

Recent additions to our product catalog covering all the above categories read more