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COVID-19 Testing & Products

Mayflower Bioscience is here to support researchers working in COVID-19 research and testing labs.

We offer high quality swab sample collection kits which include either oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swab samplers in either inactivating transport media (ITM), viral transport media (VTM) or saline, depending on your needs. Our strong supplier relationships ensure fast, continuous supply of bulk quantities of these sample collection devices to customer in a wide variety of COVID testing labs.

In addition, we can provide a complete, pre-aliquoted, high throughput magbead based nucleic acid extraction kits which are compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ systems.

For research use only applications, we can also offer a wide range of compounds including inhibitors, compounds that are being repurposed for COVID treatment and those that have been approved in clinical trials, as well as coronavirus specific antibodies and peptides.

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