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About Us

We saw an unmet need – innovative Life Science research technologies were being developed by emerging European companies and they needed to be made available to US scientists. So we built the vessel to connect one to the other and called it Mayflower Bioscience (in honor of the vessel that brought the Pilgrim Fathers from England to Plymouth Colony in 1620).

Now we represent companies from all over the globe who share in our passion for novel research tools. With an emphasis on solutions for cell biology, molecular biology and drug discovery, our portfolio includes a remarkable range of products and services to help you advance your important research programs.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, we are well placed to support our customers across the US and beyond, and experienced at developing new ideas and ventures.

In October 2017 we joined forces with Cambridge Bioscience, the leading specialist life science research products distributor in the United Kingdom, in order that we can collaborate on identifying and supporting the best new life science technology companies helping them to reach scientists across both North America and Europe.

Suppliers: We are always assessing new sources of quality products, services and instruments for our customers. If your company can offer this and you would like to discuss the potential of US or European market development, please contact us by clicking here.