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Rat Analyte Kits

All analytes in a group can be multiplexed together in any combination. When multiple Group Analyte Kits are ordered together, antibody-conjugated beads and detection antibodies are custom premixed at no additional charge.  (click here for pre-defined, premixed Rat Panels)
Quotes and Ordering
  1. complete the AimPlex Rat Analyte Selection Form and we'll prepare your quote listing all components for a custom-build multiplex assay.

  2. for online orders, just add your kits to cart. Be sure to include the following components for your custom-built multiplex assay:
  • AimPlex Analyte Kit(s): listed below. Includes analyte-specific Ab conjugated beads, detection antibody and antigen standard
  • Basic Kit (species-specific): Cat# P200201. Includes additional assay reagents/materials
  • Diluent Kit (sample-type specific): cell culture supernatants (Cat# P810101), serum, plasma and bodily fluids (Cat# R200201), lysates (Cat# P820301).

Available Targets

CD254/RANKL/TNFSF11 (Group 2)

Eotaxin/CCL11 (Group 1)

FGF-2/FGF basic/HBGH-2 (ungrouped)

G-CSF/CSF-3 (Group 1)

GM-CSF/CSF-2 (Group 1)

GRO alpha/KC/CINC1 (Group 1)

IFNgamma (Group 1)

IL-1alpha/IL-1F1 (Group 1)

IL-1beta/IL-1F2 (Group 1)

IL-2 (Group 1)

IL-4 (Group 1)

IL-5 (Group 1)

IL-6 (Group 1)

IL-10 (Group 1)

IL-12p40 (Group 2)

IL-12p70 (Group 1)

IL-13 (Group 1)

IL-15 (Group 2)

IL-17A/CTLA-8 (Group 1)

IP-10/CXCL10 (Group 1)

Leptin (Group 2)

LIX/GCP2/CXCL5 (Group 2)

MCP-1/JE/CCL2 (Group 2)

MCP-3/MARC/CCL7 (Group 2)

MIP-1alpha/CCL3 (Group 1)

MIP-2/GRO beta/CINC3 (Group 1)

beta-NGF/NGFB (Group 2)

PDGF-AB (ungrouped)

PDGF-BB (ungrouped)

RANTES/CCL5 (Group 2)

SDF-1/CXCL12 (Group 2)

sICAM-1/sCD54 (Group 2)

sVCAM-1/sCD106 (Group 2)

TGFβ1 (ungrouped)

TIMP-1 (ungrouped)

TNFalpha (Group 1)

VEGF (Group 2)