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Frozen Plasma

Mayflower Bioscience has a close collaboration with Research Donors, an HTA-licensed, ISO 9001 2015 certified clinic dedicated to the collection and processing of human blood for research purposed. 

Plasma is prepared by the centrifugation of anticoagulated whole blood and it consists of the clear, liquid portion of blood that remains after the cellular components are removed. It is the single largest component of human blood, comprising about 55 percent and contains water, enzymes, antibodies and other proteins.

Our frozen stock plasma is available in either tubes or bags, depending on your needs.Frozen stock plasma

Benefits of our frozen stock human plasma
• Delivery across USA and Canada
• Choice of anticoagulants and storage devices
• Frozen delivery on dry ice
• Wide selection of frozen stock plasma samples available
• Comprehensive donor information provided
• Serology screening prior to dispatch
• Samples fully consented including for genetic analysis and commercial research purposes

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