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Exosome Detection

The ExoLISA™ exosome detection assays quickly provide quantitative data from purified or unpurified samples, including direct measurement of exosomes in plasma. ExoLISA exosome assays are being developed for widely used markers of exosomes; the tetraspanin proteins CD9, CD63 and CD81. Kits come complete including control exosomes for standard curves. ExoLISA exosome assays deliver clear, consistent data for the following reasons:

  • Simplicity of the assay results in a high degree of reproducibility.
  • Europium is used for detection, providing a high degrees of sensitivity.
  • Only antigens held in association in multiple copies (such as tetraspanins in exosomes) are detectable with the assay, resulting in specificity.

ExoLISA Exosome Assay Schematic


Step 1: Biotinylated antibody is bound to streptavidin coated assay plates.

Step 2: Biological samples are added. Exosomes and any free antigen are captured by the antibody.

Step 3: Europium labeled antibody is added and binds specially to exosome antigen. Samples are read in a time resolved fluorescence plate reader.


Readings obtained using the ExoLISA exosome assay with the provided standard (exosomes purified from LNCaP cells). Note the linearity of response over a wide range of concentrations.


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ExoLISA™ Exosome Assay, human CD9

ExoLISA™ Exosome Assay, human CD63

ExoLISA™ Exosome Assay, human CD81