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Cell Separation

pluriBead® Kits

non-magnetic cell separation system
pluriBead® is a unique cell separation technology that uses non-magnetic monodispersed microparticles (beads) for the isolation of specific cell types from cell mixtures without the need for dedicated equipment. The procedure is simple: target cells in suspension bind with pluriBeads and are separated by size exclusion - pluriBeads and target cells stay on top, unbound cells run through. Target cells are then easily detached from the pluriBeads and are ready for use. Pretreatment of blood, such as for the production of a mononuclear cell fraction, is not necessary. pluriBead is for research use only.
Convenience: pluriBeads are available to isolate a wide range of targets, including cells or proteins from various samples such as whole blood, buffy coat or cell suspensions from homogenates (spleen, liver, lymph nodes, bone marrow etc.). Creating your unique kit is simple:
  • select your target-specific pluriBeads
  • select your Reagent Kit (mini or maxi)


  • no sample preparation required
  • isolation from any cell suspension (blood, homogenates, etc.)
  • fast and gentle Isolation
  • high purity and high yield of viable cells
  • room temperature isolation
  • easy multi-target cell separation
  • large range of species 


  • isolate single cell populations from cell suspensions including unprocessed whole blood
  • nucleic acid and protein isolation within minutes
  • multi-target isolation options

General Method



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  2. Density Gradient Centrifugation Compromises Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cell Yield
  3. New Method for Rare Cell Screening

How To Order

  • Select your pluriBeads
  • Select your Reagent Kit
    • "S" kits for S-beads; "M: kits for M-beads
    • Mini kits for 5 separations; Maxi kits for 10 separations
  • Working with buffy coat - then you'll also need the Buffy Coat Add-on