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Venom Array Libraries

Venom peptides blocking ion channels and GPCRs in disease areas such as pain, antibiotics and cardiovascular disease are the next generation of therapeutics. Venom from theraphosids (tarantulas), scorpions and snakes are rich sources of new drug discovery tools. 
Mayflower Bioscience, through our collaboration with Venomtech, offers customers throughout the US and Canada access to unique targeted venom array libraries for drug discovery programs. Targeted array libraries contain pure venom fractions from 12, 24, 48 or 96 species optimized for identification of novel tools. Libraries are provided in ready-to-use Echo®-qualified 384-well plates, either standard or low dead volume (LDV).
Ready-to-use Libraries
Libraries of up to 20,000 individual peptides and proteins:
  • Un-fractionated venoms (~100)
  • Partially fractionated venom components (1-3,000)
  • Fully fractionated venom components (up to 20,000)
  • Selected and targeted specifically to drug discovery programs
Custom-made Libraries
Libraries of up to 10,000 individual venom components:
  • Selected based on customer objectives
  • Tailor-made combinations of fully, partially and un-fractionated components
  • Inclusion of selected venoms (fully or un-fractionated) from additional species (anemones, jellyfish etc.) as needed to best fit the target(s) of interest
Hit-to-lead Services
From the identification of the active peptide(s) to SAR (structure-activity relationship) and beyond

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