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Serum Replacement


FBS replacement for serum-free culture applications

In order to meet the needs of biologics and cell therapy developers and to bring greater consistency to basic research and cell screening applications there is a growing need for better controlled and more reproducible reagents for cell culture. 

XerumFreeTM is a new product that has been developed from first principles as a replacement for fetal bovine serum (FBS) in all cell culture applications. It has a number of unique features that make it the most highly developed and effective product in the market for serum replacement in demanding cell culture applications:

  • it is universal for mammalian cells, stem cells and even insect cells
  • it is fully defined
  • it is animal-component free, even the raw materials are produced animal free
  • it is produced under GMP

XerumFreeTM is inherently consistent. It is fully defined and since it is produced at GMP there is no lot-to-lot variability and there is no need to test each batch of product. 

Successfully Tested Cell Lines
The following cell lines have been successfully tested with XerumFree™. This list is not exhaustive and is being added to continously.

Why not try XerumFreeTM with your cells and benefit from the cleanest and most effective serum replacement product available today. 

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