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Protein Extraction

Minute™ Protein Extraction Kits

rapid spin column-based protein extraction
The Minute™ series of protein extraction kits are excellent tools for rapid and easy protein extraction/isolation from a variety of sources including animals, plants and bacteria. Unlike any other protein extraction kits, Minute kits employ optimized buffer systems and proprietary filter cartridge technologies for total protein extraction, cell fractionation, and membrane protein isolation. The kits offer numerous advantages over competing products in terms of speed, ease of use and yield.


Total Protein extraction kits - just vortex, transfer, and spin. No sonication or wash steps.





SDS-PAGE protein profiles of animal tissues extracted by Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit. Lane 1: drosophila larvae, lane 2: drosophila pupa, lane 3: adult drosophila, lane 4: gold fish muscle, lane 5: mouse liver.


Total Protein, Animal
(mammalian, etc.)
Total Protein, Plant
Total Protein, Bacteria
Total Protein, Yeast/Microalgae/Other
Cellular Fractions
  • Cytoplasmic Proteins, all samples SC-003
  • Nuclear Proteins, all samples SC-003
  • Plasma Membrane Proteins, animal SM-005
  • Nuclear Envelope Proteins, animal NE-013
Organelle Isolation
Specialty Kits
  • Histone/DNA-binding Proteins HP-014
  • Keratinized Samples HD-021
  • Adipose Tissue Total Protein AT-022
  • Adipose Tissue Protein Fractions AF-023
  • Protein/Nucleic Acid Extraction from gel slices PN-019

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