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AAV Expression Plasmids

Easily produce your own tissue-specific AAV vectors with these unique and ready-to-use AAV expression plasmids.

AAV expression plasmid packages are designed for targeted, tissue-specific in vivo gene modification. The plasmids are used to generate AAV particles for expression of a gene of interest under the control of predesigned tissue/cell specific promoters. Based on the classical AAV2 single strand serotype, the AAV expression plasmids include a multiple-cloning-site (MCS) under the control of functionality-tested, tissue-specific promoters. Expression plasmid packages include an AAV control plasmid and vector maps.

Product Features

  • AAV expression plasmids based on commonly used ssAAV2 serotype
  • compatible with classical 2 or 3 plasmid packaging systems
  • flexibility of experimental design with integrated classical MCS
  • accurate, targeted expression

The following thematic packages are now available.





* Use of the recommended serotype for each specific application can synergistically increase the tissue tropism of the vector system.

Custom Production: additional AAV production and purification services are available upon request. Contact us at for details.

For research use only. Not to be incorporated into products for resale without permission and may not be given to third parties.

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